Michel P. Villerius

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Duplications and deletions are known to cause a number of genetic disorders, yet technical difficulties and financial considerations mean that screening for these mutations, especially duplications, is often not performed. We have adapted multiplex amplifiable probe hybridization (MAPH) for the screening of the DMD gene, mutations in which cause Duchenne(More)
The identification of transcription factor binding sites is difficult since they are only a small number of nucleotides in size, resulting in large numbers of false positives and false negatives in current approaches. Computational methods to reduce false positives are to look for over-representation of transcription factor binding sites in a set of(More)
The major public microarray repositories Gene Expression Omnibus and ArrayExpress are growing rapidly. This enables meta-analysis studies, in which expression data from multiple individual studies are combined. To facilitate these types of studies, we developed Microarray Retriever for searching and retrieval of data from GEO and ArrayExpress. The tool(More)
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