Michel Pérès

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This study was aimed at determining the effects of a chronic modafinil intraperitoneal administration on the rate of learning in a series of five serial spatial discrimination reversals (SSDR) in a T-maze. Results showed that a daily modafinil administration at 64 mg/kg but not at 32 mg/kg induced a faster learning rate as compared to controls. This(More)
Modafinil is a wakeness-promoting drug, which is effective in the treatment of narcolepsy; its effects on learning processes are however little studied. Thus, the present study was aimed at determining the effects of an acute modafinil injection on a serial reversal discrimination task performed in a T-maze in mice. Independent groups of mice varying by the(More)
Magnetoencephalographic, electromyographic (EMG), work, and reaction time (RT) were recorded from nine subjects during visually triggered intermittent isometric contractions of the middle finger under two conditions: unloaded and loaded (30% of maximal voluntary contraction). The effect of muscle fatigue was studied over three consecutive periods under both(More)
The aim of this study was to investigate the impact on several forms of memory and metabolism of a 5-day combat course including heavy and continuous physical activities and sleep deprivation. Mnemonic performance and biochemical parameters of 21 male soldiers were examined before and at the end of the course. Our results showed that short-term memory(More)
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