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Numerous studies have established the importance of picoplankton (microorganisms of < or =2 microm in length) in energy flow and nutrient cycling in marine oligotrophic environments, and significant effort has been directed at identifying and isolating heterotrophic picoplankton from the world's oceans. Using a method of diluting natural seawater to(More)
The marine oligotrophic ultramicrobacterium Sphingomonas alaskensis RB2256 has a physiology that is distinctly different from that of typical copiotrophic marine bacteria, such as Vibrio angustum S14. This includes a high level of inherent stress resistance and the absence of starvation-induced stress resistance to hydrogen peroxide. In addition to periods(More)
In this Letter we present results of theoretical and experimental studies of whispering-gallery modes in optical microdisk resonators interacting with subwavelength dielectric particles. We predict theoretically and confirm by direct observations that, contrary to the generally accepted models, both peaks of the particle-induced doublet of resonances are(More)
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