Michel Nguiffo Boyom

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This work is devoted to an intrinsic cohomology theory of Koszul-Vinberg algebras and their modules. Our results may be regarded as improvements of the attempt by Albert Nijenhuis in [NA]. The relationships between the cohomology theory developed here and some classical problems are pointed out, e.g. extensions of algebras and modules, and deformation(More)
Inspired by recent works of Zang Liu, Alan Weinstein and Ping Xu, we introduce the notions of CC algebroids and non asymmetric Courant algebroids and study these structures. It is shown that CC algebroids of rank greater than 3 are the same as Courant algebroids up to a constant factor, though the definition of CC algebroids is much simpler than that of(More)
5 1. Prologue 5 2. INTRODUCTION 8 2.1. The general concerns 8 2.2. The geometry of finite dimensional Cartan-Lie groups and abstract Lie groups 9 2.3. The information geometry of complex systems 9 2.4. The gauge group 9 2.5. The overview of the main results: Solutions to some problems EX(S) 10 2.6. Geometry of Lie groups 13 2.7. A comment on Figues 17 3.(More)
Abstract: Let us begin by considering two book titles: A provocative title, What Is a Statistical Model? McCullagh (2002) and an alternative title, In a Search for Structure. The Fisher Information. Gromov (2012). It is the richness in open problems and the links with other research domains that make a research topic exciting. Information geometry has both(More)
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