Michel Menvielle

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A short critical review is provided on two questions linking magnetism and possible early life on Mars: (1) Did Mars have an Earth-like internal magnetic field, and, if so, during which period and was it a requisite for life? (2) Is there a connection between iron minerals in the martian regolith and life? We also discuss the possible astrobiological(More)
We present a practical algorithm for determining the Bayesian solution of non-linear inverse problems with a limited number of parameters. This approach allows the use of very general conditional probability density functions (pdfs of the data given the model parameters) and a priori pdfs (prior beliefs upon the parameters). The results consist in the a(More)
In this paper, we summarize our present understanding of Mars' atmosphere, magnetic field, and surface and address past evolution of these features. Key scientific questions concerning Mars' surface, atmosphere, and magnetic field, along with the planet's interaction with solar wind, are discussed. We also define what key parameters and measurements should(More)
' Equipe de Physique de la Terre et des Plandtes (URA 7369), Bat. 504, Abstract: The transient variations of the ntagnetjc field at the surface of a planet has a primary externa/ source, the interaction between the environment of the pkmet and solar radiation, and a secondary source, the electric currents induced in the conductive p!anet. The continuous(More)
The K index was devised by Bartels et al. (1939) to provide an objective monitoring of irregular geomagnetic activity. The K index was then routinely used to monitor the magnetic activity at permanent magnetic observatories as well as at temporary stations. The increasing number of digital and sometimes unmanned observatories and the creation of INTERMAGNET(More)
Geomagnetic indices are basic data in Solar-Terrestrial physics, and for operational Space Weather activities. The International Service of Geomagnetic Indices (ISGI) is in charge of the derivation and dissemination of geomagnetic indices that are acknowledged by the International Association of Geomagnetism and Aeronomy (IAGA, an IUGG association).(More)
In view to prepare Mars human exploration, it is necessary to promote and lead, at the international level, a highly interdisciplinary program, involving specialists of geochemistry, geophysics, atmospheric science, space weather, and biology. The goal of this program will be to elaborate concepts of individual instruments, then of integrated instrumental(More)
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