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Recent plans to clean and restore Vincent van Gogh's painting of his Bedroom in Arles (Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam) sparked off a broad collaborative campaign of investigations to compare the materials and techniques used in all three painted versions of this theme, including the Bedroom pictures now in the collections of the Art Institute of Chicago and(More)
The conceptual ability to source, combine, and store substances that enhance technology or social practices represents a benchmark in the evolution of complex human cognition. Excavations in 2008 at Blombos Cave, South Africa, revealed a processing workshop where a liquefied ochre-rich mixture was produced and stored in two Haliotis midae (abalone) shells(More)
—The authors present a review of the advances that have been made to establish terahertz applications in the cultural heritage conservation sector over the last several years. This includes material spectroscopy, 2D and 3D imaging and tomographic studies, using a broad range of terahertz sources demonstrating the breadth and application of this burgeoning(More)
In this paper we present the result of the integration of multiple data sources of different 3D acquisition techniques. These acquisitions have been done in order to create a new way to document works of art that have been applied to the " Cylinder seal of Ibni-Sharrum ". X-ray tomography has been used to reveal the exact position of inclusions and the(More)
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