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OBJECTIVE To assess the potential involvement of cytokines and nitrites in the hyperpermeability characterizing the ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome (OHSS). DESIGN A controlled clinical study comparing peritoneal fluid (PF) from patients with severe OHSS and from non-OHSS controls. SETTING Women hospitalized with severe OHSS in three tertiary medical(More)
Flat affect has long been recognized as a central manifestation of schizophrenia, and has more recently been appreciated as a stable and prognostically important attribute of this disorder. Yet, because it is thought to be difficult to evaluate, flat affect has been deemphasized in criterion-based diagnostic systems. Results of this study suggest that the(More)
The ability of oleic acid to modulate fibrinolysis was measured by following the urokinase-mediated and plasminogen-dependent cleavage of 125I-labelled fibrin clots. Oleic acid levels within the physiological range exerted a concentration-dependent inhibition of urokinase-mediated fibrinolytic activity. SDS/PAGE revealed that oleic acid enhances urokinase(More)
Recent memory correlated inversely with serum anticholinergic levels for verbal recall but not for recognition memory in 17 chronic schizophrenic inpatients taking neuroleptic medications. The results indicate that anticholinergic activity does not impair primary memory functioning in chronic schizophrenia.
NGF binding patterns reflect the presence of receptors for this growth factor. High specific binding of 125I 2.5 S-NGF was observed for the 11 gestation day (gd) statoacoustic ganglion (SAG) with lower levels recorded for both 14 gd acoustic ganglion (AG) and vestibular ganglion (VG) samples. Fourteen day AG cells were more than twice as active for binding(More)
Optical Schiff's bases of gossypol were prepared with chiral gossypol and ethylamine. As has been similarly observed among the gossypol enantiomers, the (-)-gossypol ethylimine was more active than either the (+)-gossypol ethylimine or the racemic gossypol ethylimine against KB and MCF7 cells. Gossypolone was also observed to be more toxic than gossypol(More)
The amidolytic activity of plasmin with the chromogenic substrate H-D-valyl-L-leucyl-L-lysine p-nitroanilide (S-2251) is stimulated by oleic acid in a dose-dependent and saturable fashion. The activity of plasmin on S-2251 in the presence of oleic acid followed a sigmoidal kinetic pattern, with an almost 4-fold stimulation of activity at 60 microM-oleic(More)
It is known that the mammalian ovary possesses a complete interleukin-1 (IL-1) system replete with ligands, receptors, and a receptor antagonist. To further assess the hypothesis that IL-1 may play an intermediary role in gonadotropin-triggered ovulation, we have set out to determine whether IL-1 is capable of promoting ovarian collagenase biosynthesis, an(More)