Michel Mayer

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Nitric oxide (NO) has been suggested to be involved in ovarian physiology. Our aim was to study follicular nitrite and nitrate (NO3/NO2) levels in women undergoing in-vitro fertilization (IVF), and to examine their relationship to follicular size, oestradiol concentrations, and ovarian artery and intra-ovarian blood flow as measured by Doppler ultrasound. A(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess the potential involvement of cytokines and nitrites in the hyperpermeability characterizing the ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome (OHSS). DESIGN A controlled clinical study comparing peritoneal fluid (PF) from patients with severe OHSS and from non-OHSS controls. SETTING Women hospitalized with severe OHSS in three tertiary medical(More)
NGF binding patterns reflect the presence of receptors for this growth factor. High specific binding of 125I 2.5 S-NGF was observed for the 11 gestation day (gd) statoacoustic ganglion (SAG) with lower levels recorded for both 14 gd acoustic ganglion (AG) and vestibular ganglion (VG) samples. Fourteen day AG cells were more than twice as active for binding(More)
The effect of plasminogen on the ability of highly metastatic ESb mouse lymphoma cells to degrade heparan sulfate (HS) in the subendothelial extracellular matrix (ECM) was studied. A metabolically sulfate-labeled ECM was incubated with the lymphoma cells, and labeled degradation products were analyzed by gel filtration on Sepharose 6B. Heparanase-mediated(More)
The pattern of change in activity of two enzymes in rat skeletal muscle during body storage after death has been determined. Myofibrillar protease activity was found to increase linearly with time of storage post mortem at room temperature but not at 4 degrees C. In contrast, creatine phosphokinase activity declines linearly with time, and again storage at(More)
Gossypol, gossypolone, reduced gossypol and new Schiff's bases of racemic gossypol and gossypolone were extracted or synthesized. Their cytotoxic activities on KB human cancer cells were determined. Gossypolone and the ethylamine derivative of gossypolone were the most active compounds (IC(50) in the micromolar range in both cases). The cytotoxicity of(More)
In continuation of earlier observations on the involvement of interleukin-1 (IL-1) in ovarian function, we examined the ability of IL-1 to modulate plasminogen activator (PA) activity and prostaglandin (PG) synthesis in human granulosa lutein cells (GLCs). Toward this goal, GLCs were obtained from women undergoing in vitro fertilization, preincubated with(More)
Proliferation of bone marrow lymphoid cells of 8 healthy subjects and 7 patients with chronic renal insufficiency was compared using the cytophotometric measurement of the DNA content combined with 3H-thymidine labelling in vitro. In renal insufficiency the cells showed a marked decrease of the proliferation activity. This is apparent from the impaired(More)