Michel Marcus

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The enumeration of maps and the study of uniform random maps have been classical topics of combinatorics and statistical physics ever since the seminal work of Tutte in the sixties. Following the bijective approach initiated by Cori and Vauquelin in the eighties, we describe a bijection between rooted maps, or rooted bipartite quadrangulations, on a surface(More)
  • M Marcus, Victor J. Mizel, V. J. Mizel
  • 2015
The present paper is concerned with the circumstances under which a function g(x,t ,...,t ) provides, via composition, a ^ 1 m mapping between Sobolev spaces. That is, we examine conditions which ensure that for every system of functions u_,...,u e W _ (Q) 1 m 1, q (where W, (Q) is the class of L functions with L summable i,q q q strong first derivatives on(More)
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