Michel Manfait

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Raman spectra are classically modeled as a linear mixing of spectra of molecular constituents of the analyzed sample. Source separation methods are thus well suited to estimate these constituent spectra. However, physical distortions due to the instrumentation and biological nature of samples add nonlinearities to the Raman spectra model. These distortions(More)
Background Fourier transform mid-infrared (FT–IR) microspectro-scopy is a label-free optical method based on the interaction between an incident light beam and matter. This vibrational spectroscopy permits to probe the biochemical composition of the analyzed sample and thus gives information about the structure of this sample. Associated with an imaging(More)
A digital automatic dewaxing method of Raman spectral images acquired on paraffin-embedded human skin biopsies is proposed in this paper. This method is based on pre-processing steps specific to Raman spectra, on the estimation of the paraffin spectra by the Principal Component Analysis (PCA) and Independent Component Analysis (ICA), and on the estimation(More)