Michel Mamrot

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Rising Complexity is a major challenge for the development of product systems. The aim of handling this complexity is to achieve a high quality, to develop and produce at acceptable cost and to prevent unintended incidents like failures. Especially in the field of robotics it is a serious task to fulfill these requirements regarding tasks of the autonomous(More)
The Development of complex products in a satisfactory way is a difficult task. This is confirmed by the increasing number of recalls and customer complaints. In order to achieve a high product quality, different approaches were developed; one is the Generic System Engineering (GSE), a method that fits the complex product system in a standardized system(More)
The reuse of information and knowledge is an established principle for designing variants of a mechatronic product subject to changing requirements. To assist in the application of this principle a new way of classifying requirements into changeable and unchangeable is introduced. This approach focuses on those requirements that remain unchanged and are(More)
Test and validation of autonomous mechatronic systems is a major challenge. Due to more complex tasks as well as dynamic environments, existing test and validation methods are reaching their limits. The complexity and diversity of their elements and interrelations of these as well as interrelations with environmental elements have to be handled because(More)
An increasing number of Cyber Physical Systems is used in different areas of applications like smart grid, smart factory or smart home. This paper demonstrates a first approach for an integrated consideration of safety and security for Cyber Physical Systems in a System of Systems by a use case based model for smart home applications. To realize a safe and(More)
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