Michel Mallet

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A methodology for convergence speed-up of a fully implicit solver for the Random Averaged Navier-Stokes (RANS) equations for incompressible flows using multigrid (MG) techniques is here presented. The RANS set, comprising the mean flow NavierStokes equations and a 2-equation k-ε turbulence model, is discretized in space by applying the finite element method(More)
Oxytalan fibers have been described for the first time in 1958 by FULLMER and LILLIE; they seem to be different from collagen fibers and elastic ones (the last being scare in the alveolar ligament). Either their biochemical structure or their specific functions remains to be known. This first work tries to describe the maturation and the organisation of the(More)
This paper describes the implementation of a finite-element Navier-Stokes code on two parallel architectures: the IBM SP2 and the NEC SX-4. Although these implementations are based on two different memory representations, the sharedand the distributedmemory paradigms, the actual source codes are extremely similar, thanks to the finiteelement structure of(More)
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