Michel M. Joosten

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AIMS/HYPOTHESIS To determine whether 6 weeks of daily, moderate alcohol consumption increases expression of the gene encoding adiponectin (ADIPOQ) and plasma levels of the protein, and improves insulin sensitivity in postmenopausal women. METHODS In a randomised, open-label, crossover trial conducted in the Netherlands, 36 apparently healthy(More)
N-acylethanolamines (NAEs), such as anandamide (AEA), are a group of endogenous lipids derived from a fatty acid linked to ethanolamine and have a wide range of biological activities, including regulation of metabolism and food intake. We hypothesized that i) NAE plasma levels are associated with levels of total free fatty acids (FFAs) and their precursor(More)
OBJECTIVE The objective of this study was to investigate the association of 4-year changes in alcohol consumption with a subsequent risk of type 2 diabetes. RESEARCH DESIGN AND METHODS We prospectively examined 38,031 men from the Health Professionals Follow-Up Study who were free of diagnosed diabetes or cancer in 1990. Alcohol consumption was reported(More)
BACKGROUND β2-Microglobulin and cystatin C may have advantages over creatinine in assessing risk associated with kidney function. We therefore investigated whether emerging filtration markers, β2-microglobulin and cystatin C, are prospectively associated with risk of the development of peripheral artery disease (PAD). METHODS AND RESULTS We conducted(More)
In humans little is known as to whether oral sensory stimulation with alcohol elicits cephalic phase responses. This study sought to determine whether oral alcohol exposure, in the form of white wine, provokes cephalic phase responses in normal-weight and overweight women. In a semi-randomized, crossover trial, eleven normal-weight and eleven overweight(More)
BACKGROUND Heart failure (HF) is a major problem in the Western world, with increasing prevalence and incidence. Because HF cannot be cured, prevention of HF is of utter importance. Calcidiol, calcitriol, and parathyroid hormone (PTH) have been identified as risk factors for cardiovascular disease. However, their association with new onset HF remains to be(More)
BACKGROUND Fetuin-A, a liver-derived glycoprotein that impairs insulin-signalling, has emerged as a biomarker for diabetes risk. Although moderate alcohol consumption has been inversely associated with fetuin-A, data from clinical trials are lacking. Thus, we evaluated whether moderate alcohol consumption decreases circulating levels of fetuin-A. METHODS(More)
BACKGROUND Elevated albuminuria as well as an increased serum uric acid concentration is associated with poor cardiovascular outcome. We questioned whether these 2 variables (albuminuria and serum uric concentration) may be interrelated via tubular uric acid reabsorption. METHODS AND RESULTS Included were 7688 participants of the PREVEND Study, an(More)
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