Michel Lutz

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Putative mechanisms of action associated with the biocontrol capacity of four yeast strains (Cryptoccocus albidus NPCC 1248, Pichia membranifaciens NPCC 1250, Cryptoccocus victoriae NPCC 1263 and NPCC 1259) against Penicillium expansum and Botrytis cinerea were studied by means of in vitro and in situ assays. C. albidus(YP), a commercial yeast was also(More)
To reduce the use of fungicides, biological control with yeasts has been proposed in postharvest pears. Most studies of antagonists selection have been carried out at room temperature. However, in regions like North Patagonia where fruits are stored at -1/0 °C during 5-7 months the selection of potential antagonist agents must be carried out at low(More)
This paper presents an original research initiated by the monitoring needs of a semiconductor production plant. The industrial operations rely on an Information Technology (IT) system, and several time series data are controlled statistically. Unfortunately, these variables often contain outliers, as well as structural changes due to external decisions in(More)
Phytophthora lacustris and P. drechsleri are reported causing a fruit rot of pear (Pyrus communis) Golden Russet Bosc in Argentina. The oomycetes were isolated from developing brown rots of fruit observed pre-harvest. Phytophthora lacustris and P. drechsleri were identified on the basis of morphology and molecular identification using the ITS region of(More)
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