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We study a logic-based approach to versioning of ontologies. Under this view, ontologies provide answers to queries about some vocabulary of interest. The difference between two versions of an ontology is given by the set of queries that receive different answers. We investigate this approach for terminologies given in the description logic EL extended with(More)
The Knuth-Bendix ordering is usually preferred over the lex-icographic path ordering in successful implementations of resolution and superposition, but it is incompatible with certain requirements of hierar-chic superposition calculi. Moreover, it does not allow non-linear definition equations to be oriented in a natural way. We present an extension of the(More)
The OWL 2 profile OWL 2 QL, based on the DL-Lite family of description logics, is emerging as a major language for developing new ontologies and approximating the existing ones. Its main application is ontology-based data access, where ontologies are used to provide background knowledge for answering queries over data. We investigate the corresponding(More)
We develop a clausal resolution-based approach for computing uniform interpolants of TBoxes formulated in the description logic ALC when such uniform interpolants exist. We also present an experimental evaluation of our approach and of its application to the logical difference problem for real-life ALC ontologies. Our results indicate that in many practical(More)
Ontologies are used to represent and share knowledge. Numerous ontologies have been developed so far, especially in knowledge intensive areas such as the biomedical domain. As the size of ontologies increases, their continued development and maintenance is becoming more challenging as well. Detecting and representing semantic differences between versions of(More)