Michel Legris

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Concentrations of nitrogen dioxide and formaldehyde were determined in a study of 96 homes in Quebec City, Canada, between January and April 2005. In addition, relative humidity, temperature, and air change rates were measured in homes, and housing characteristics were documented through a questionnaire to occupants. Half of the homes had ventilation rates(More)
This study, conducted in 1987 and 1988, has made it possible to quantify exposure to noise among heavy equipment operators, associated laborers, and crane operators. The average daily noise exposure was 84 to 99 dBA for heavy equipment, 90 dBA for the laborer, and 74 to 97 dBA for the crane operator. The main sources of noise to which heavy equipment(More)
This paper proposes a set approach for the simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM) in a submarine context. It shows that this problem can be cast into a constraint satisfaction problem which can be solve efficiently using interval analysis and propagation algorithms. The efficiency of the resulting propagation method is illustrated on the localization(More)
Building an accurate digital terrain model (DTM) of the seabed is a key issue for various military and civilian hydrographers applications. In the past decades, the emergence of autonomous underwater vehicles (AUV) offers new methodologies to collect the bathymetric data used in the estimation of the DTM. In our study, we use the DAURADE AUV platform which(More)
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