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Rule-based programming has been gaining interest in the industry for several years, through the growing use of Business Rules Management Systems. A demand for verification of semantic properties on rule programs has thus emerged. In this paper we present an approach to rule program verification, using constraints to model program executions and verification(More)
Constraints generated for Program Verification tasks very often involve integer variables ranging on all the machine-representable integer values. Thus, if the propagation takes a time that is linear in the size of the domains, it will not reach a fix point in practical time. Indeed, the propagation time needed to reduce the interval domains for as simple(More)
2 Abstract ILOG, the company in which this thesis has been done, develops and markets ILOG SCHEDULE, a C++ library aimed at simplifying the representation and the resolution of scheduling problems. The SCHEDULE library is itself based on ILOG SOLVER, a generic software tool for object-oriented constraint programming. Each customer of ILOG SCHEDULE develops(More)
Transport-barrier relaxation oscillations in the presence of resonant magnetic perturbations are investigated using three-dimensional global fluid turbulence simulations from first principles at the edge of a tokamak. It is shown that resonant magnetic perturbations have a stabilizing effect on these relaxation oscillations and that this effect is due(More)
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