Michel Lamure

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BACKGROUND In the Mexican population metabolic syndrome (MS) is highly prevalent. It is well documented that regular physical activity (PA) prevents coronary diseases, type 2 diabetes and MS. Most studies of PA have focused on moderate-vigorous leisure-time activity, because it involves higher energy expenditures, increase physical fitness, and decrease the(More)
OBJECTIVES Age-related dementia is a progressive degenerative brain syndrome whose prevalence increases with age. Dementias cause a substantial burden on society and on families who provide informal care. This study aims to review the relevant papers to compare informal care time and costs in different dementias. METHODS A bibliographic search was(More)
Nous présentons dans cet article les algorithmes de classica-tion prétopologiques récemment développés [15,14], ainsi que l'introduc-tion d'un nouvel algorithme original. Outre les rappels sur les notions de classication, nous proposons un algorithme de classication exploi-tant la notion de distance basée sur la complexité de Kolmogorov. Nous illustrerons(More)
Cooperative game theory is a mathematical theory used for modeling negotiation problems between players. In these games, coalition formation is a central concept: for players, it's the problem to be solved for getting a payment as best as they do. In this paper, we focus our attention on the dynamic of coalition formation. Our purpose is to determine which(More)
The eigenvalue equation intervenes in models of infectious disease propagation and could be used as an ally of vaccination campaigns in the actions carried out by health care organizations. The stochastic model based on Page Rank allows to simulate the epidemic spread, where a Like-like infection vector is calculated to help establish efficient vaccination(More)
According to Lev Vvgotsb, individnal's learning is iiifliienced by social interactions uith his environntent. This coilfrvntation ofpoinls of view enables an individiial to evolve during the time. The Vygotsb S theor?, gives a quire iniportant place no! on& ! o social tools as larigiiage, birr also lo iriteructions and r.elations1iips hem:een individnals.(More)
BACKGROUND Repurposing has become a mainstream strategy in drug development, but it faces multiple challenges, amongst them the increasing and ever changing regulatory framework. This is the second study of a series of three-part publication project with the ultimate goal of understanding the market access rationale and conditions attributed to drug(More)
Pollution in metropolitan cities has become a serious problem , resulting in poor living conditions and serious health problems. Pollution being qualified as a complex system, we propose a multi-agent approach to model and simulate it, so that we could study, analyze and predict it better. As in the early stage of the project, we have some successful(More)