Michel Lallement

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BACKGROUND Treatment of metastatic breast cancer (MBC) remains palliative. Patients with MBC represent a heterogeneous group whose prognosis and outcome may be dependent on host factors. The purpose of the present study was dual: first, to draw up a list of factors easily available in everyday clinical practice requiring no sophisticated or costly methods(More)
PURPOSE To assess early clinical results and evaluate patient satisfaction in case of second conservative treatment (2nd CT) combining lumpectomy plus high-dose rate (HDR) interstitial brachytherapy for patients (pts) presenting with ipsilateral breast cancer recurrence (IBCR). METHODS AND MATERIALS From June 2005 to July 2009, 42 pts presenting with an(More)
PURPOSE Mastectomy is the treatment of reference for local relapse after breast cancer (BC). The aim of this study was to document the feasibility and the results of associating lumpectomy with partial breast irradiation by interstitial brachytherapy (IB) as local treatment for an isolated ipsilateral BC local recurrence (LR). METHODS AND MATERIALS(More)
In view of the good results of breast reconstruction with the transverse rectus abdominis myocutaneous (TRAM) flap, we used this method in 48 patients, but we observed abdominal complications, which are difficult to accept for cosmetic surgery. Hartrampf, one of pioneers of this technique, reports a very low complication, rate by closing the abdominal wall(More)
The sternalis muscle is a normal anatomic variant, which exists in about 5 to 8% of people. It runs longitudinally superficial to pectoralis major, alongside the sternum. Although the sternalis seems common in cadaveric studies, physicians are not familiar with it, which may lead to confusion in diagnosis. Occasionally, the sternalis may be misinterpreted(More)
Through a retrospective study of 207 CIN III of the cervix uteri, with a medial follow-up of 6 years, the authors are showing the evolution in the management of that pathology. Different reasons are invoked: 1) the practice of systematic Papanicolaou smears reveals dysplasia of the cervix in younger women, justifying treatments that preserve obstetrical(More)
The C.A.C. de Nice reconstructive surgery unit presents their experience of TRAM pedicled flap (41 cases) or free flap (8 cases). The technical details, complications and sequelae are analysed for the entire series of flaps with particular attention to the problems of the abdominal wall and the respective advantages of the two techniques. The applications(More)
PURPOSE Robotic stereotactic radioablation (RSR) allows stereotactic irradiation of thoracic tumors; however, it has never been used for breast tumors and may have a real potential. We conducted a Phase I study, including neoadjuvant chemotherapy (NACT), a two-level dose-escalation study (6.5 Gy x 3 fractions and 7.5 Gy x 3 fractions) using RSR and(More)
Between 1977 and 1994, our center administered successively 4 different chemotherapy regimens to 242 evaluable patients with locally advanced breast cancer. Patients with inflammatory signs were excluded. Sixty-eight patients were treated by AVCF (A (adriamycine) + V (vincristine) + C (cytoxan) + F (5FU)), 47 by AECF (A + E (vindesine) + C + F), 81 by CAFP(More)