Michel Lacombe

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Of 306 renal transplantations, stenosis of the artery supplying the grafted kidney was found in 38 patients three months to two years after they had undergone renal transplantation. The diagnosis was made by arteriography done because of refractory hypertension with or without impaired renal function in 36 patients and as a routine investigation in two(More)
A retrospective study of the patients operated on for renal artery aneurysm by a single surgeon during a 30-year period was undertaken. The author's experience amounts to 123 patients of whom 74 were females (60%) and 49 males (40%). The average age of the patients was 42.8 years. Preoperative investigations included usual tests of renal function,(More)
PURPOSE The aim of this study was to assess the results of surgical treatment in a series of patients who underwent operation for isolated spontaneous dissection of the renal artery. The feasibility of renal artery reconstruction is emphasized. METHODS During a 21-year period (1978-1998), 22 patients (17 men, 5 women) with spontaneous dissection of the(More)
Between January 1978 and December 1982 successful sequential chromosome analyses were carried out on bone marrow cells of five patients previously treated for Hodgkin's lymphoma (HL) presenting unexplained cytopenia or pancytopenia during follow-up. All patients had concurrent morphological examination of bone marrow specimens showing signs of dysplasia(More)
We describe the first clinical trial of OKT3, a monoclonal anti-T-cell antibody, for prevention of kidney transplant rejection. 13 patients receiving a first cadaveric kidney transplant were randomly assigned to conventional treatment with azathioprine and high-dose steroids (7 patients) or to treatment with daily injection of OKT3 alone (6 patients). The(More)
Persistent elevation of lymphocyte counts is usually associated with a malignant monoclonal lymphoproliferative disease. Over the last 8 years, amongst patients investigated in our center for undetermined persistent lymphocytosis, a diagnosis of malignant lymphoproliferation was excluded in 6 cases as studies of surface membrane immunoglobulin light chains(More)
PURPOSE The purpose of this study was to evaluate the feasibility and effectiveness of surgical reconstruction of the renal artery after complicated or failed percutaneous transluminal renal angioplasty (PTRA). METHODS This was a retrospective study of 45 consecutive patients who were referred to our centers for surgical renal artery reconstruction after(More)
Fifty-five recipients of first cadaveric renal allografts were randomly assigned to three treatment groups in order to compare the safety and efficacy of a mouse antihuman T cell monoclonal antibody (OKT3) given prophylactically for a one-month period. This long period of administration was made possible by concomitant administration of azathioprine. The(More)