Michel Kieffer

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Oversampled filter banks (OFBs) provide an overcomplete representation of their input signal. This paper describes how OFBs can be considered as error-correcting codes acting on real or complex sequences, very much like classical binary convolutional codes act on binary sequences. The structured redundancy introduced by OFBs in subband signals can be used(More)
This paper is about parameter estimation for models described by a continuoustime state equation from discrete-time measurements. Guaranteed solutions to this problem are proposed in probabilistic and bounded-error contexts, based on Müller’s theorems and interval analysis. In a probabilistic context where parameter estimation boils down to parameter(More)
This paper presents an enhanced permeable layer mechanism useful for reliable packetized multimedia transmission. Packet header recovery at various protocol layers using MAP estimation is the cornerstone of the proposed solution. The available intra-layer and inter-layer header correlation is used to define a reduced set of header configurations for further(More)
This paper proposes a transcoding method from a standard (P-picture based) H264 advanced video coder (AVC) bitstream to a H264 scalable video coder (SVC) bitstream with temporal scalability. This method avoids full AVC decoding followed by full SVC re-encoding and is performed in two steps. The IPPP... AVC bit stream is first transcoded to an IpPpP AVC(More)
In this paper, a new still image coding scheme is presented. In contrast with standard tandem coding schemes, where the redundancy is introduced after source coding, it is introduced before source coding using real BCH codes. A joint channel model is first presented. The model corresponds to a memoryless mixture of Gaussian and Bernoulli-Gaussian noise. It(More)
Due to its high compression efficiency, the H.264 video coder is very sensitive to impairments due to transmission over noisy channels. Most error resilience/concealment techniques provided in the H.264 standard were dealing with packet losses. In wireless environments, the proportion of corrupted packets (and thus considered as lost) may become very high.(More)
Practical schemes for distributed video coding with side information at the decoder need to consider non-standard correlation models in order to take non-stationarities into account. In this paper we introduce two correlation models for Gaussian sources, the Gaussian- Bernoulli-Gaussian (GBG) and the Gaussian-Erasure (GE) models, and evaluate lower and(More)
In joint source-channel (JSC) schemes based on arithmetic coding (AC), additional redundancy may be introduced in order to reduce transmission errors. The purpose of this work is to provide analytical tools to predict and evaluate the effectiveness of that redundancy. Integer binary AC is modeled by a reduced-state automaton in order to obtain a bit-clock(More)