Michel Kadoch

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HU, SHUANG. Multicast Routing Protocols in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks. (Under the direction of Professor Arne A. Nilsson.) The demand to exchange digital information using wireless communication system is growing fast nowadays. When there are independent mobiles users participating in sharing resources or interacting with each other, like wireless video sharing(More)
Clustering has been proven to be a promising approach for mimicking the operation of the fixed infrastructure and managing the resources in multi-hop networks. In order to achieve good performance, the formation and maintenance procedure of clusters should operate with minimum overhead, allowing mobile nodes to join and leave without perturbing the(More)
In the past few years, wireless mesh networks (WMNs) have drawn significant attention from academia and industry as a fast, easy, and inexpensive solution for broadband wireless access. In WMNs, it is important to support video communications in an efficient way. To address this issue, this paper studies the multipath routing for multiple description (MD)(More)
The rapidly diversified market demands have presented a huge challenge to the conventional mobile broadband network architecture. On one hand, the limited machine room space and insufficient power supply make it impossible to accommodate exponentially growing amount of network equipment of operators. On the other hand, net heterogeneity caused by different(More)
This paper develops a novel scheme of game theory based spectrum sharing to mitigate the inter-cell interference in LTE-A heterogeneous networks (HetNets). In particular, we first assume that the macro-cell protects itself by pricing the bandwidth allocated to small-cells. We then employ the Stackelberg game to jointly consider the utility maximization of(More)
A CDMA-based mobile Ad Hoc networks face two main design challenges. One is to periodically update connectivity information, namely, neighboring nodes and the codes used by neighboring nodes. The other is to guarantee that there is no code collision in two hops’ distance. This paper proposes an enhanced time-spread broadcasting schedule for connectivity(More)
This paper addresses the problem of video multicast for heterogeneous destinations in mobile ad hoc networks. Multiple Description Coding (MDC) is used for video coding. MDC generates multiple independent bit-streams, where the multiple bit-streams are referred to as multiple descriptions (MD). Furthermore, MDC enables a useful reproduction of the video(More)
Multicasting has become increasingly important with the emergence of Internet-based applications such as IP telephony, audio/video conferencing, distributed databases and software upgrading. IP multicasting is an efficient way to distribute information from a single source to multiple destinations at different locations. In practice IP is considered as a(More)