Michel Joindot

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We numerically investigate the 2R-regeneration technique utilizing self-phase modulation and off-center filtering. Our numerical simulations take into account the incoherent nature of noise through its spectral representation. This approach allows to evaluate a Q-factor improvement of 2 dB for this regenerator. Furthermore, our study points out the role of(More)
This paper presents our work carried out in the colorless-component technologies for high bit-rate optical access networks, which are based on WDM-PON (wavelength division multiplexed passive optical networks). The colorless concept consists in using identical and wavelength-independent components that will act as the generic transmitter in WDM-PON systems.(More)
We report on the experimental and theoretical study of a self-phase-modulation-based regenerator at 42.6 Gbit/s with a return-to-zero 33% format. We point out some detrimental effects such as intrachannel interactions and Brillouin scattering. An efficient solution, relying on a self-phase-modulation-based pulse compressor in combination with the(More)
We present a simple alternative method for the compensation of quadrature imbalance in optical quadrature phase-shift-keying (QPSK) coherent systems. The method is based on the determination and the compensation of the phase mismatch by the introduction of a relevant signal-to-noise ratio metric. The principle is validated numerically and the algorithm is(More)