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This paper introduces a new approach for the mechanical modelling of historical monuments built of blocks. The computational method, * Non Smooth Contact Dynamics (NSCD), is used to simulate masonry as a large collection of bodies under unilateral constraints and frictional contact. The computational method, NSCD, within an architectural and archeological(More)
The current paper aims at presenting the various aspects of a modeling and simulation framework dedicated to the study of historical structures considered as complex mechanical systems with interactions (contact, friction, cohesion, etc) and multi-physics couplings (thermal effects, diffusion, etc). Based on the proposed framework a simulation tool has been(More)
The influence of local order on the disordering scenario of small Wigner islands is discussed. A first disordering step is put in evidence by the time correlation functions and is linked to individual excitations resulting in configuration transitions, which are very sensitive to the local symmetries. This is followed by two other transitions, corresponding(More)
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