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"Corpus de la parole" is a collaborative project between the Ministry of Culture of France and the CNRS, which aims to build a collection of resources on French and other languages of France. A Web site provides an editorialised access to this collection. This article presents the main points of the organization of this program: the data collection, the(More)
In this document, we are concerned with the eeects of data layouts for nonsquare processor meshes on the implementation of common dense linear algebra kernels such as matrix-matrix multiplication, LU factorizations, or eigenvalue solvers. In particular, we address ease of programming and tunability of the resulting software. We introduce a generalization of(More)
We present here the choices which were made within the framework of three oral corpora projects : Socio-linguistics studies on Orleans (ESLO), Phonology of the Contemporary French (PFC), The Archivage corpus of the LACITO lab. This comparative presentation of three corpora of audio linguistic resources comes from a analysis about the options the project(More)
Quadratic fields were first suggested as a setting for public-key cryptography by Buchmann and Williams in 1988 [5, 6]. Although the resulting protocols are currently not as efficient as those from other settings like elliptic curves, they are important because their security is believed to be independent of other widely-used protocols including elliptic(More)
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