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In the power generation industry, digital control systems may play an important role in plant safety. Thus, these systems are the object of rigorous analyzes and safety assessments. In particular, the quality , correctness and dependability of control systems software need to be justified. This paper reports on the development of a tool-based methodology to(More)
In the standard sequent presentations of Girard's Linear Logic [10] (LL), there are two " non-decreasing " rules, where the premises are not smaller than the conclusion, namely the cut and the contraction rules. It is a universal concern to eliminate the cut rule. We show that, using an admissible modification of the tensor rule, contractions can be(More)
As an attempt to uncover the topological nature of composition of strategies in game semantics, we present a " topological " game for Multiplicative Additive Linear Logic without propositional variables , including cut moves. We recast the notion of (winning) strategy and the question of cut elimination in this context, and prove a cut elimination theorem.(More)
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