Michel Guglielmi

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In this paper, we propose a systematic procedure for the accurate design of classical dual-mode filters in circular waveguide technology. The design procedure is based on the previous synthesis of an intermediate distributed model, which links the standard lumped (or coupling matrix) elements circuit with the practical waveguide realization. We then show(More)
This paper proposes a very efficient algorithm based on least squares (LSQ) methods to provide final dimensions of microwave filters. This algorithm just needs to start from very few accurate designs of practical filters, in order to provide the dimensions of any similar filter (same order and return loss values) with different center frequency(More)
In this paper we describe a virtual instrument or a performance space, placed at Høje Tåstrup train station in Denmark, which is meant to establish communicative connections between strangers, by letting users of the system create soundscapes together across the rails. We discuss mapping strategies and complexity and suggest a possible solution for a final(More)
A technique is described to measure the generalized scattering matrix (GSM) of a waveguide device whose ports are multimodal. The device-under-test is placed in between suitable converters, thereby transforming multimodal ports into monomodal ports. The needed data are then measured using a standard vector network analyzer. A dedicated algorithm is finally(More)
Many people can be observed not being aware of their fellow commuters. A system that encourages personal communication between people would give opportunities for an improvement in life quality where the richness of human contact could be realized. The abundance of online dating, chat rooms and other non human communication forms point to the populous being(More)
In this paper, we present FEST3D, a powerful software tool capable of efficiently analyzing most passive components commonly used in space and ground applications. By combining different approaches of the Boundary Integral - Resonant Mode Expansion (BI-RME) method, this tool is able to perform an accurate EM modeling of components with complicated(More)