Michel Gineste

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Calcium phosphate coatings on dental implants enhance integration of the material. Resorption of the ceramic coatings has raised some concern about the behavior of the bone-implant interfaces after the coating disappearance. Substitution of the OH- ions by fluoride in the hydroxylapatite (HA) lattice makes the calcium phosphate more stable. We investigated(More)
Guided tissue regeneration (GTR) using bioabsorbable barrier membranes has shown promising and somewhat predictable clinical results. However, limited information is available on the stages of histologic healing when these types of barriers are used. Therefore, the aim of this study was to compare three currently available bioabsorbable GTR barriers (type 1(More)
Pellets of well-characterized microporous hydroxyapatite (HA) ceramic were implanted in hamsters in two nonosseous sites: (1) in the fatty tissue of the gingival crease, far from bony tissue and (2) in intraperitoneal sites. The implants in site 1 were placed directly in contact with tissues, cells, and extracellular fluids while the implants in site 2 were(More)