Michel Gallet

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 The polymorphism of 11 enzymes was analysed in 11 progenies from controlled crosses between pear varieties, using acrylamide and starch electrophoresis gels. Twenty-two loci were identified and segregation was scored for 20 of them. Three pairs of duplicated loci forming intergenic hybrid bands were detected, these correspond to equivalent duplicated genes(More)
From September 1985 to December 1986, 100 patients undergoing percutaneous placement of a transvenous "LGM" caval filter were included in a multicenter prospective trial. Peripheral venograms completed by pulmonary arteriography or scintigraphy were obtained for all patients. Eighty-five patients had experienced pulmonary embolism, 59 had iliocaval(More)
 In the framework of the European Apple Genome Mapping Project, five apple progenies were scored for 53 isozyme markers and two phenotypic monogenic characters, R t (anthocyanin production in all tissues) and C o (columnar habit). The collaboration between two teams (in France and Greece) enabled a clarification of the synonymy between existing isozyme loci(More)
We studied the electrophysiologic effects of injectable diltiazem (dosage: bolus of 0.15 mg/kg, maintenance infusion of 0.3 mg/kg/h for 20 min) on sinus node function and atrioventricular function in 33 patients (22 men and 11 women, mean age 63.6 +/- 15.8 years). Seventeen patients had an electrophysiological exploration considered as normal, eight had(More)
BACKGROUND Genetic testing can determine those at risk for hereditary haemochromatosis (HH) caused by HFE mutations before the onset of symptoms. However, there is no optimum screening strategy, mainly owing to the variable penetrance in those who are homozygous for the HFE Cys282Tyr (C282Y) mutation. The objective of this study was to identify the majority(More)
Electrophoresis of 7 pollen enzymes was applied to 5 progenies from controlled crosses and one self-progeny of apple. Segregation data were examined according to three kinds of hypotheses: monogenic disomic, bigenic disomic and tetrasomic inheritance Twenty codominant alleles and a recessive null were identified. Results provided evidence of bigenic disomic(More)
The case of an infant admitted for evaluation of severe emaciation with intermittent ocular anomalies including strabismus and nystagmus is reported. This case demonstrates the value of magnetic resonance imaging and transfontanellar ultrasonography for the diagnosis of diencephalic syndrome of infancy. The prognosis of this condition is usually grim, in(More)
In order to evaluate the outcome of information given to patients included in a therapeutic trial after having signed a consent form, 77 patients (68 men, 9 women with an average age of 57.9 years) included in the IMPACT study (multicenter, randomised, double-blind protocol, the main objective of which was to assess the antiarrhythmic effect of oral(More)