Michel Ferrero

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We present an approach to the normal state of cuprate superconductors which is based on a minimal cluster extension of dynamical mean-field theory. Our approach is based on an effective two-impurity model embedded in a self-consistent bath. The two degrees of freedom of this effective model can be associated to the nodal and antinodal regions of momentum(More)
We investigate transport in strongly correlated metals. Within dynamical mean-field theory, we calculate the resistivity, thermopower, optical conductivity and thermodynamic properties of a hole-doped Mott insulator. Two well-separated temperature scales are identified: T(FL) below which Landau Fermi liquid behavior applies, and T(MIR) above which the(More)
We perform a theoretical study of a fermionic gas with two hyperfine states confined to an optical lattice. We derive a generic state diagram as a function of interaction strength, particle number, and confining potential. We discuss the central density, the double occupancy, and their derivatives as probes for the Mott state, connecting our findings to the(More)
We show that the heavy-fermion compound CeCu2Si2 undergoes a transition between two regimes dominated by different crystal-field states. At low pressure P and low temperature T the Ce 4f electron resides in the atomic crystal-field ground state, while at high P or T, the electron occupancy and spectral weight is transferred to an excited crystal-field level(More)
The Luttinger-Ward functional Φ[G], which expresses the thermodynamic grand potential in terms of the interacting single-particle Green's function G, is found to be ill defined for fermionic models with the Hubbard on-site interaction. In particular, we show that the self-energy Σ[G]∝δΦ[G]/δG is not a single-valued functional of G: in addition to the(More)