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PURPOSE To determine whether measurements of the volume of the hippocampal formation obtained from a three-dimensional acquisition not perpendicular to the hippocampus are statistically different from those obtained from a perpendicular acquisition. METHODS Both hippocampi were studied in 10 healthy volunteers with two three-dimensional acquisitions,(More)
Neuroimaging studies investigating the neural correlates of verbal fluency (VF) focused on sex differences without taking into account behavioural variation. Nevertheless, group differences in this verbal ability might account for neurocognitive differences elicited between men and women. The aim of this study was to test sex and performance level effects(More)
There has been considerable interest in cognitive deficits associated with Alzheimer's disease (AD) and relationships between these impairments and specific cortical atrophies. Two previous studies [Neuropsychologia 28 (1990) 1197; Dementia 3 (1992) 350] have found that AD patients exhibit significant impairments in the attentional ID/ED set-shifting tasks(More)
The aim of this research was to study the relationship between explicit memory and hippocampal volume. Seventy healthy adults were administered one implicit memory test and one explicit memory (EM) test and underwent magnetic resonance imaging. The major finding was a negative correlation between the EM test and the right hippocampus/brain volume ratio (t =(More)
A dot-filling test was used to assess hand performance in two populations of French children. In the first experiment, the effect of sex, age and handedness on hand performance was examined (1742 children). Age was related to the degree of laterality, but girls were less lateralized than boys. The second experiment (200 children) showed that the surprising(More)
MICHEL DUYME CNRS Analyses from an a priori full cross-fostering study (Capron & Duyme, 1989, 1991), investigating the IQs of 38 children whose average age was 168 (SE = 3.28) months, indicated a link between the socioeconomic status @ES) of both biological and adoptive parents and Full, Verbal, and Performance IQs of the WISC-R scale. Here detailed(More)
Principal Component Analysis allows a quantitative description of shape variability with a restricted number of parameters (or modes) which can be used to quantify the difference between two shapes through the computation of a modal distance. A statistical test can then be applied to this set of measurements in order to detect a statistically significant(More)
PURPOSE The role of genetic mechanisms and the influence of environmental events in human brain development have been difficult to evaluate. The purpose of this study was to compare the cerebral cortical morphology and midline structures of monozygotic twin pairs using MR imaging. METHODS Six observers, blinded to twin pairings, evaluated the 3-D(More)
Previous post-mortem studies (Aboitiz, F., Scheibel, A.B., Fisher, R.S., Zaidel, E., 1992. Brain Res. 598, 154-161 and Aboitiz, F., Scheibel, A.B., Zaidel, E., 1992. Brain 115, 1521-1541) have shown an inverse association between asymmetry in perisylvian areas and the size of a specific segment, the isthmus, of the corpus callosum (CC) in males. The purpose(More)
International comparisons were conducted of preschool children's behavioral and emotional problems as reported on the Child Behavior Checklist for Ages 1½-5 by parents in 24 societies (N = 19,850). Item ratings were aggregated into scores on syndromes; Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders-oriented scales; a Stress Problems scale; and(More)