Michel Dumas

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Two distinct and parallel research communities have been working along the lines of the Model-Based Diagnosis approach: the FDI community and the DX community that have evolved in the fields of Automatic Control and Artificial Intelligence, respectively. This paper clarifies and links the concepts that underlie the FDI analytical redundancy approach and the(More)
  • Devender Bhalla, Kimly Chea, Chamroeun Hun, Mey Vannareth, Pierre Huc, Samleng Chan +6 others
  • 2012
PURPOSE Identify epilepsy-associated factors and calculate measures of impact, stigma, quality of life (QOL), knowledge-attitude-practice (KAP) and treatment gap in Prey Veng, Cambodia. METHODS This first Cambodian population-based case-control study had 96 epileptologist-confirmed epilepsy cases and 192 randomly selected matched healthy controls.(More)
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVE The optical stimulation of neurons from pulsed infrared lasers has appeared over the last years as an alternative to classical electric stimulations based on conventional electrodes. Laser stimulation could provide a better spatial selectivity allowing single-cell stimulation without prerequisite contact. In this work we present(More)
BACKGROUND Paragonimiasis have previously been reported in two zones of the Southwest Province of Cameroon including the Kupe mountain and Mundani foci. The aim of this study was to investigate the presence and epidemiology of paragonimiasis in the peri-urban zone of Kumba, Meme Division, located about 50 km away from the Kupe mountain focus. METHODS(More)
  • Devender Bhalla, Kimly Chea, Chamroeun Hun, Vichea Chan, Pierre Huc, Samleng Chan +6 others
  • 2013
INTRODUCTION We tested two treatment strategies to determine: treatment (a) prognosis (seizure frequency, mortality, suicide, and complications), (b) safety and adherence of treatment, (c) self-reported satisfaction with treatment and self-reported productivity, and policy aspects (a) number of required tablets for universal treatment (NRT), (b) cost of(More)
This work falls within the broader framework of visual prostheses conception for blind people suffering from a retina photoreceptor cells degenerative disease. Studies on the issue of informational content of the prosthetic vision propose, in majority, a simple reduction in the resolution of greyscale images from a single camera. Our work proposes a novel(More)