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The study of balance using stabilogram analysis is of particular interest in the study of falls. Although simple statistical parameters derived from the stabilogram have been shown to predict risk of falls, such measures offer little insight into the underlying control mechanisms responsible for degradation in balance. In contrast, fractal and non-linear(More)
Several methods of measuring entropy of time series have been developed and applied on physiological signals in order to distinguish data sets according to their underlying nonlinear dynamics. These methods are not well adapted for studying the time series in different scales, in the presence of dominant local trends and low-frequency components. In this(More)
In this contribution, we propose an efficient nonlinear analysis method characterizing postural steadiness. The analyzed signal is the displacement of the centre of pressure (COP) collected from a force plate used for measuring postural sway. The proposed method consists of analyzing the nonlinear dynamics of the intrinsic mode functions (IMF) of the COP(More)
Falls in the elderly are a major public health problem due to both their frequency and their medical and social consequences. In France alone , more than two million people aged over 65 years old fall each year , leading to more than 9 000 deaths , in particular in those over 75 years old (more than 8 000 deaths). This paper describes the PARAChute project(More)
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