Michel Desseilles

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Forty-one acutely agitated patients received an i.v. injection of 4 ml of a double blind solution containing either 10 mg of droperidol or placebo. The need for further medication (5 mg of haloperidol after 3 minutes or individually adapted psychotropics after 30 minutes) was used as a parameter for the evaluation of the results. Three minutes after the(More)
This study was designed to provide a diagnostic, symptomatologic and sanitary assessment of schizophrenic patients in the network of institutions of the Plate-Forme Psychiatrique Liégeoise (Liège, Belgium). The diagnosis of schizophrenia was based on the DSM IV. Demographic, social and global functioning (GAF scale) data were collected from the Résumé(More)
LETTERS sant medications are preferred to benzodiazepines as a first-line of treatment for anxiety disorders in the elderly. 6 Psychotherapy, particularly cognitive behavior therapy , is often effective in these disorders as well. 6 We reviewed symptoms of three cases in which onset of anxiety symptoms developed after age 60 as a result of having a medical(More)
OBJECTIVE The study was aimed at assessing the clinical evolution and mobility of schizophrenic patients within the healthcare network of the Psychiatric Platform of Liege (Belgium) after a one-year follow-up period. MATERIAL AND METHODS The study material consisted of a random sample of 184 patients with schizophrenia drawn from the population of(More)
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