Michel Desautels

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A patient oriented hospital information system (ARIANE) was inaugurated at the Sherbrooke University hospital (CHUS) in 1990 and a clinical data warehouse (CDW) completed 2004. The CDW is updated from ARIANE every 24h and includes ICD discharge diagnosis data, visit DRG and SNOMED encoding. The data is encrypted on storage. Data is accessed according to(More)
BACKGROUND Schizosaccharomyces pombe pik1 encodes a phosphatidylinositol 4-kinase, reported to bind Cdc4, but not Cdc4(G107S). PRINCIPAL FINDINGS Gene deletion revealed that pik1 is essential. In cells with pik1 deleted, ectopic expression of a loss-of-function allele, created by fusion to a temperature-sensitive dihydrofolate reductase, allowed normal(More)
Experiments were conducted to determine if the hyperthermia after acute morphine sulfate (MS) administration was due to selective activation of brown adipose tissue (BAT) thermogenesis. Interscapular BAT temperature (TIBAT) and core (rectal) temperature (TR) were measured concurrently in groups of unrestrained, male Sprague-Dawley rats kept at 21.0 degrees(More)
The objective of this work was to evaluate the effects of ethanol consumption on brown adipose tissue (BAT) thermogenic capacity in mice. Mice offered only ethanol (10%; v/v) for 10 days as drinking fluid had significant reductions in total energy and fluid intakes relative to mice given water, but net weight gains were similar. BAT thermogenic capacity was(More)
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