Michel Demeester

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To allow an exchange of measurements and criteria between different electrocardiographic (ECG) computer programs, an international cooperative project has been initiated aimed at standardization of computer-derived ECG measurements. To this end an ECG reference library of 250 ECGs with selected abnormalities was established and a comprehensive reviewing(More)
The authors address the following problems: How to turn a mass spectrometer, or a set of individual gas sensors, into a real and useful medical instrument? In other words, how to transform the instantaneous gas composition signals into meaningful physiological variables? The parameters that can be computed breath by breath from the real time processing of(More)
Information and communication technologies (ICT) offer innovative formats for promoting healthy lifestyles and reinforcing public health initiatives. They can be applied to large population segments without losing the functionality of being tailored to individual fluctuating needs. Advantages of ICT include real-time provision and adaptation of nutrition(More)
Culture sets our values and norms. It is a way of thinking that determines our behaviours, decisions, actions and knowledge. Technology transfer and integration are basically the exchange of the knowledge, know-how and skills through which technology was created and on which its use depends. Culture is deeply rooted in ourselves. We are usually unaware of(More)
SUMMARY Observations were made on eight normotensive subjects and on 12 patients with essential hypertension to determine whether the intrarenal distribution of blood flow is altered in essential hypertension. Dye-dilution curves were recorded across the renal vascular bed and a set of integral transformations, developed by Gomez, was used to determine(More)
A system suitable for prolonged continuous in vivo measurement of human arterial PO2 is described. The system uses a polarographic electrode developed by Kimmich and Kreuzer, inserted in a specially made shunt between the radial artery and an antecubital vein. Nhe electrode surface is maintained in a fixed position parallel to the flow of blood; blood(More)
CEN committee TC 251 Medical Informatics, has set up a project team charged with producing a European pre-standard ENV on Healthcare Information Framework (HIF). The HIF is based on abstraction from a specific information system architecture to a reference architecture and further to a conceptual architectural framework based on serving open, distributed(More)