Michel DeGraff

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1 Introduction In several languages, the means that are used for marking possession can be used for marking obligation. (1) a. John has a book. b. John has to read a book. Henceforth, I will refer to the construction in (1b) as the Obligational Construction (OC) (= the construction used for possession · a non-finite verbal part). In this paper, I will(More)
1. RECONSIDERING CREOLE EXCEPTIONALISM? The primary goal of my Discussion Note 'Against Creole exceptionalism' (Language 79.2.391–410, hereafter ACE) was to demystify a variety of past and present beliefs—widespread in and outside acade-mia—according to which Creole languages constitute an exceptional class on phyloge-netic and/or typological grounds. Derek(More)
In 1960 and 1967 Ken Hale compiled extensive field notes on Lardil, a Pama-Nyungan 1 language spoken on Mornington Island. At that point the language was still spoken by many adults on the island, although the younger generation consisted primarily of monolingual English-speakers. and the author, returned to Mornington Island to complete a dictionary of(More)
CLIFF is the Computational Linguists' Feedback Forum. We are a group of students and faculty who gather once a week to hear a presentation and discuss work currently in progress. The 'feedback' in the group's name is important: we are interested in sharing ideas, in discussing ongoing research, and in bringing together work done by the students and faculty(More)