Michel DeGraff

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1. RECONSIDERING CREOLE EXCEPTIONALISM? The primary goal of my Discussion Note ‘Against Creole exceptionalism’ (Language 79.2.391–410, hereafter ACE) was to demystify a variety of past and present beliefs—widespread in and outside academia—according to which Creole languages constitute an exceptional class on phylogenetic and/or typological grounds. Derek(More)
Henceforth, I will refer to the construction in (1b) as the Obligational Construction (OC) (= the construction used for possession + a non-finite verbal part). In this paper, I will discuss the question of why the same means are used for marking possession and obligation in many languages and provide a syntactic analysis of the obligational construction.(More)
1 Background and Objectives 1.1 Terminological and conceptual preliminaries: ‘Creoles’, ‘Creole genesis’, ‘Creolization’, etc. 1.2 Uniformitarian boundary conditions 1.3 Cartesian boundary conditions 1.4 Some landmarks for navigating through the many detours of this long essay 2 Whence ‘Creole Genesis’? 2.1 Making constructive use of the distinction and(More)
In this article, an underdetermined theory of phrasality is presented, in which bar level plays no role with respect to the rest of the grammar. Evidence for this comes from mismatches in bar level and behavior in Irish and Tagalog nonverbal predication structures, Irish construct state nominals, and Persian nominals.
operator in SpecNegP in the matrix clause in (38b), the unavailability of long construal of perché would remain unexplained. SpecNegP Conversely, where the overt negative marker is an XP (e.g., SE [ not]), the Neg Criterion obliges that one posit the presence of an abstract negative head. The following contrast provides evidence for the presence of an(More)
Creole languages are typically the linguistic side effects of the creation of global economies based on the forced migration and labor of enslaved Africans toiling in European colonies in the Americas. Section 1 addresses terminological and methodological preliminaries in Creole studies, including definitions of ‘Creole’ languages that contradict some of(More)