Michel De Paepe

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We investigated the mechanisms of sickle cell disease (SCD) hematopoietic/erythropoietic defects using bone marrow, spleen, and/or peripheral blood from the transgenic SAD mouse model, which closely reproduces the biochemical and physiological disorders observed in human SCD. First, the erythropoietic lineage late precursors (polychromatophilic normoblasts(More)
Erythrocyte sickling on deoxygenation in vitro occurs in transgenic SAD mice, hemizygous for a modified human sickle hemoglobin, HbSAD [alpha 2 beta 2S(beta 6val)Antilles (beta 23 lle)D- Punjab (beta 121Gln)] (SAD-1, 19% HbSAD; beta-thal/SAD-1, 26% HbSAD). The present study examines the cellular defects in vivo and pathologic changes observed in SAD-1 mice(More)
Sickle cell disease is a hereditary disorder characterized by erythrocyte deformity due to hemoglobin polymerization. We assessed in vivo the potential curative threshold of fetal hemoglobin in the SAD transgenic mouse model of sickle cell disease using mating with mice expressing the human fetal Agamma-globin gene. With increasing levels of HbF, AgammaSAD(More)
The transgenic SAD mouse which expresses a modified sickle hemoglobin, Hb SAD, displays in vivo hemoglobin polymerization and erythrocyte sickling. In the presence study functional and morphological renal analyses were performed in SAD mice in order to compare the renal pathology of SAD mice with the human disease. The SAD mice display renal hemosiderosis,(More)
This paper reviews the available methods to study thermal applications with open-cell metal foam. Both experimental and numerical work are discussed. For experimental research, the focus of this review is on the repeatability of the results. This is a major concern, as most studies only report the dependence of thermal properties on porosity and a number of(More)
Two differently-produced open-cell aluminum foams were compared to a commercially available finned heat sink. Further, an aluminum plate and block were tested as a reference. All heat sinks have the same base plate dimensions of four by six inches. The first foam was made by investment casting of a polyurethane preform and has a porosity of 0.946 and a pore(More)
In Flanders and the Netherlands greenhouse production systems produce economically important quantities of vegetables, fruit and ornamentals. Indoor environmental control has resulted in high primary energy use. Until now, the research on saving primary energy in greenhouse systems has been mainly based on analysis of energy balances. However, according to(More)
It is long known that for high-velocity fluid flow in porous media, the relation between the pressure drop and the superficial velocity is not linear. Indeed, the classical Darcy law for shear stress dominated flow needs to be extended with a quadratic term, resulting in the empirical Darcy-Forchheimer model. Another approach is to simulate the foam(More)
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