Michel Darmon

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RATIONALE Providing family members with clear, honest, and timely information is a major task for intensive care unit physicians. Time spent informing families has been associated with effectiveness of information but has not been measured in specifically designed studies. OBJECTIVES To measure time spent informing families of intensive care unit(More)
Consumers wishing to replace some of the foods in their diets with more nutrient-dense options need to be able to identify such foods on the basis of nutrient profiling. The present study used nutrient profiling to rank 7 major food groups and 25 subgroups in terms of their contribution to dietary energy, diet quality, and diet cost for 1332 adult(More)
Vitamin E and carotenoids are fat-soluble micronutrients carried by plasma lipoproteins. Their plasma concentrations are governed by several factors, some of which are genetic, but data on these genetic factors remain scarce. We hypothesized that genes involved in lipid metabolism, i.e. the genes implicated in intestinal uptake, intracellular trafficking,(More)
Normal human keratinocytes isolated from skin and squamous carcinoma cells established from a human tumor (TR146 cell line) both exhibit limited morphologic differentiation when they are grown on conventional plastic dishes. However, when they are seeded on human de-epidermized dermis and cultured at the air-liquid interface, they are able to reform an(More)
Plasma concentrations of vitamin E and carotenoids are governed by several factors, including genetic factors. Single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNP) in some genes involved in lipid metabolism have recently been associated with fasting plasma concentrations of these fat-soluble micronutrients. To further investigate the role of genetic factors that modulate(More)
OBJECTIVES The Dietary Guidelines for Americans 2005 recommended that consumers give priority to nutrient-dense foods, those that contain substantial amounts of key nutrients in relation to the dietary energy they provide. This study developed a scoring system to estimate the nutritional adequacy of vegetables and fruits, on a per weight, per calorie, and(More)
The lipolysis stimulated receptor (LSR) recognizes apolipoprotein B/E-containing lipoproteins in the presence of free fatty acids, and is thought to be involved in the clearance of triglyceride-rich lipoproteins (TRL). The distribution of LSR in mice was studied by Northern blots, quantitative PCR and immunofluorescence. In the adult, LSR mRNA was(More)
We study two canonical problems, diffraction of a plane elastic wave by a thin crack and diffraction of a plane elastic wave by a wedge, both in the high-frequency regime. In applications this regime is usually treated using the so-called Kirchhoff approximation. It is very easy to implement but there are situations when it is known to give distorted(More)
The lamellar cells of the sensory corpuscles of the pig dermis must be considered to be epithelial cells as they contain cytokeratins. The cytokeratins detected are similar to those found in simple epithelia. Moreover, lamellar cells are embedded in an extracellular matrix reminiscent of the basement membrane of epithelium since it contains laminin and(More)
It was possible to reconstruct epidermis in vitro by seeding dissociated keratinocytes on de-epidermized dermis and growing such recombined cultures for 1 wk, exposed to air, at the surface of the culture medium. These conditions were chosen to mimic the transdermal feeding and the exposure to the atmosphere that occur in vivo. Contrary to classical(More)