Michel Coriat

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This paper tries to bridge the gap from agent conceptualization to formal specification in the field of requirement engineering. The IAM (Intentionnal Agent Method) approach aims to integrate the agent ontology with Time Petri Nets (TPN) in the development process helps in the construction of efficient and safe large software system. TPNs deals formally(More)
In this paper, we present an asset-based meta-model of software components for the development activities that supports a process going from a design specification down to the delivery of software components to the customer. We think that such a meta-model is needed to clarify software component-based development and ease the identification and realisation(More)
The decisions made in a ~stem 's so~'are architecture have a major impact on the qua/ity of the resu/ting ~stem. The goa/ of softwore architecture ana/ysis is to assess whether these decisions /ead to the required qua/ity. Dur research concentrates on sofiware architecture ana/ysis of administrative ~stems. In this paper, we focus on the qua/ity attribute(More)
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