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— The recently introduced Digital Video Broadcasting Satellite to Handheld standard (DVB-SH) allows for digital broadcasting service provision to small mobile terminals in satellite/terrestrial hybrid networks. In this paper, the key results from an in-depth DVB-SH performance assessment campaign lasting two years are reported. The performance results(More)
The retinacula of the ankle are distinct structures defined as regions of localized thickening of the crural fascia covering the deep structures of the distal portion of the leg, ankle, and foot. Their role is to maintain the approximation of the tendons to the underlying bone. The retinacula of the ankle and foot contain the extensor retinaculum, the(More)
The new born DVB standard, called DVB-SH, (Digital Video Broadcast to Satellite Handheld) and allowing for hybrid (terrestrial and satellite) mobile TV reception, has been tested though various trials, including terrestrial only reception, satellite only reception and hybrid reception. This paper summarizes different trials and the results of these trials
Modeling noise in filtering problems is often done by means of stochastic differential equations (sde) driven by Brownian motion. The signal is thus a Markov process and, in particular, a diffusion process under general regularity assumptions. However, practical engineering problems requiring filtering often start as determin-istic systems. Hence the(More)
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