Michel Chouteau

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A retrospective study of 343 women who lacked prenatal care was conducted to ascertain the effect of recent cocaine abuse on birth weight and gestational age. All pregnant women admitted in labor to a large urban teaching hospital between January 1 and December 31, 1986 who had not received prenatal care were included. The charts of these women were(More)
bh_tomo is an open source borehole georadar data processing and ray-based 2D tomography software package developed at the E ´ cole Polytechnique of Montreál. bh_tomo runs under Matlab version 7.0 and above, and is therefore portable between computer operating systems supported by Matlab. To perform the tomographic inversions, bh_tomo includes an(More)
The correlation between pollen-ovule (P/O) ratio and breeding system has generally been analysed with respect either to pollination efficiency, or in terms of sex allocation theory. Pollen/ovule ratios were measured in nine species of Araceae belonging to two genera with bisexual flowers (Anaphyllopsis, Monstera) and three genera with unisexual flowers(More)
1-Overview Reinforced concrete used for bridge decks and pillars, highways and other transportation facilities experience loss of integrity over time caused by poor initial quality, action of de-icing salts, temperature changes, fatigue and, above all, delamination caused by corrosion of reinforcement bars (rebars for brevity). Electrical resistivity is(More)
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