Michel Canis

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BACKGROUND The aim of this study was to investigate HOXA-10 expression in endometrium from infertile patients with different forms of endometriosis; with uterine fibromas, or with unexplained infertility and from normal fertile women. METHODS Expression levels of HOXA-10 mRNA and protein in endometrium were measured during the mid-secretory phase. This(More)
We present a new method to fit smooth paths to a given set of points on Riemannian manifolds using C 1 piecewise-Bézier functions. A property of the method is that, when the manifold reduces to a Euclidean space, the control points minimize the mean square acceleration of the path. As an application, we focus on data observations that evolve on certain(More)
Figure 1: Proposed AR solution for computer-assisted myomectomy. (a) Sagittal MRI slice showing a uterus with two myomas in dark grey. (b) MRI segmentation of uterus and myomas. (c) Raw laparoscopic image and (d) translucent augmentation of the myomas. ABSTRACT An active research objective in Computer Assisted Intervention (CAI) is to develop guidance(More)
Our recent DNA microarray analysis using tissue obtained by laser capture microdissection (LCM) identified up-regulation of RON (a tyrosine kinase receptor) during the late secretory phase in eutopic endometrial epithelial cells from patients with deep endometriosis compared with control endometrium from women with macroscopically normal pelvic cavities. In(More)
BACKGROUND Previous animal studies suggested that the peritoneal environment during a carbon dioxide (CO(2)) pneumoperitoneum is hypoxic and that this may contribute to the formation of intra-abdominal adhesions or the growth of malignant cells. There is no study, however, that investigates the relationship between anaesthesia, ventilation and the(More)
We study the problem of joint registration and deformation analysis of endometrial tissue using 3D magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and 2D trans-vaginal ultrasound (TVUS) measurements. In addition to the different imaging techniques involved in the two modalities, this problem is complicated due to: 1) different patient pose during MRI and TVUS(More)
BACKGROUND Post-operative adhesion formation is a major clinical problem. Tissue oxygenation is one of the most important determinants in adhesion formation. The objective of this study was to investigate whether supplemental perioperative oxygen could reduce post-operative adhesion formation through increasing the peritoneal tissue oxygen tension (PitO(2))(More)
BACKGROUND Our objective was to evaluate the impact of intraperitoneal pressure (IPP) and duration of a CO(2) pneumoperitoneum on the peritoneal fibrinolytic system during laparoscopic surgery. METHODS Human study: Patients undergoing laparoscopic surgery were divided into two groups: low (8 mmHg, n= 32) or standard (12 mmHg, n= 36) IPP. Normal peritoneum(More)
BACKGROUND Cryopreservation of ovarian tissue can be used to preserve the fertility of patients who are about to receive treatment(s) that could compromise their future ovarian function. Here we evaluate the effectiveness of a vitrification protocol by carrying out a systematic comparison with a conventional slow-freezing method on human ovarian tissue. (More)