Michel Campovecchio

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The linearity characterization of multicarrier power amplifiers in terms of Noise Power Ratio (NPR) is now well adopted. The use of an analog band pass noise source with a notch in the center bandwidth is currently used for this purpose. We present in this paper a novel NPR measurement technique based on a numerical generation of a gaussian noise. This(More)
This paper investigates the impact of irregular pulsed RF signals on the pulse-to-pulse (P2P) stability of a microwave power GaN HEMT amplifier. This study is based on both the time-domain envelope measurements and nonlinear circuit envelope simulations of P2P stabilities. Measurements and simulations are performed with an irregular pulse train that(More)
This paper describes a fast envelope-tracking circuit capable of 10 MHz (up to 17.5 MHz) bandwidth based on RF GaN switching devices and 50 MHz switching frequency. The efficiency of the VHF converter is 84% to 90% which is comparable to a conventional DC/DC converter for spaceborne application. A demonstrator has been built and mated with a RF GaN HEMT(More)
This paper presents a characterization method of traps in GaN HEMTs, based on the frequency dispersion of the output-admittance characterized by low-frequency S-parameter measurements. As RF performances of GaN HEMTs are significantly affected by trapping effects, trap characterization is essential for this power technology. The proposed measurement setup(More)
Three power amplifier MMICs at Ka-band frequencies are reported in this paper. The MMICs are realized using AlGaN/GaN HEMTs with a gate length of 100 nm. Two single-stage amplifiers are presented to highlight the potential of this GaN technology. A dual-stage amplifier is designed to reach high power performances. In continuous-wave (CW) operation, MMICs(More)
This paper presents a complete validation of the new behavioral model called the multiharmonic Volterra (MHV) model for designing wideband and highly efficient power amplifiers with packaged transistors in computer-aided design (CAD) software. The proposed model topology is based on the principle of the harmonic superposition introduced by the Agilent(More)
Two high-efficiency power amplifier MMICs utilizing a 100 nm AlGaN/GaN HEMT MMIC technology at Ka-band frequencies are reported in this paper. They have also been designed in order to ensure high output power and high gain. In continuous-wave (CW) operation, the first three stage power amplifier provides 4.5 W of output power and 33% of(More)
This paper proposes a packaged transistor modeling using lumped elements. This model allows studying the input impedance dispersion when a range of variation is applied to various package components. This dispersion is also highlighted when a load impedance variation is applied to the package transistor. It is demonstrated that this dispersion can be(More)
This paper reports a novel MMIC balanced sub-harmonic cold FET mixer for MVDS applications using 0.15mm GaAs pHEMT. The mixer, which includes a LO buffer amplifier, was optimized for highly linear upconversion performance in the 42-43.5GHz RF band, 19.520.5GHz LO band and 2.45-3.45 GHz IF band. A dedicated simulation method has been developed to optimize(More)