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— This paper describes a fast envelope-tracking circuit capable of 10 MHz (up to 17.5 MHz) bandwidth based on RF GaN switching devices and 50 MHz switching frequency. The efficiency of the VHF converter is 84% to 90% which is comparable to a conventional DC/DC converter for spaceborne application. A demonstrator has been built and mated with a RF GaN HEMT(More)
This paper describes an innovative mean of realizing input matching networks for LDMOS MMICs, by using a very compact broadband transformer balun, which is integrated in the input matching network, in the active device gate plane instead of the 50 ohms port. The aim of this technique is to significantly reduce the silicon area, which is induced by the base(More)
Three power amplifier MMICs at Ka-band frequencies are reported in this paper. The MMICs are realized using AlGaN/GaN HEMTs with a gate length of 100 nm. Two single-stage amplifiers are presented to highlight the potential of this GaN technology. A dual-stage amplifier is designed to reach high power performances. In continuous-wave (CW) operation, MMICs(More)
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