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CONCLUSIONS Hearing may be conserved in adults after implantation with the Nucleus Contour Advance perimodiolar electrode array. The degree of hearing preservation and the maximum insertion depth of the electrode array can vary considerably despite a defined surgical protocol. Residual hearing combined with electrical stimulation in the same ear can provide(More)
Refractory status epilepticus was observed in two patients who underwent vestibular neurectomy. We investigated the relationship with the use of an aluminum containing bone cement during the procedure. Two patients developed focal and thereafter generalized seizures in the late postoperative period of vestibular neurectomy (respectively after 42 and 35(More)
OBJECTIVES To report on cases of labyrinthine fistula diagnosed in an ear, nose, and throat department and to study the incidence, location, pre- and postoperative symptoms (hearing loss, tinnitus, vertigo, facial palsy), preoperative diagnostic imaging, and surgical treatment of two types of cholesteatomatous labyrinthine fistulae-the extensive fistula(More)
We report an extremely rare case of metastasic renal cell carcinoma to the temporal bone which presented initially as a jugulotympanic paraganglioma. The clinical and radiological appearances were misleading.Investigations of concomitant high blood pressure revealed a tumour of the right kidney. Biopsy of the mastoid mass was histologically compatible with(More)
GOAL To determine the normality per age group of the "Echelle du Handicap lié aux Troubles de l'Equilibre et aux Vertiges" (EHTEV) French version of the "Dizziness Handicap Inventory" (DHI) and to assess the effect of sex on the scores and the reproductibility. SUBJECTS AND METHODS The normative scores and the effect of the sex were determined in a group(More)
Cogan's syndrome is a rare disorder that is characterized by a rapid onset of bilateral severe sensorineural hearing loss associated with vertigo and tinnitus, ocular involvement (most commonly an interstitial keratitis) and variable systemic symptoms. We review our experience with four cases treated in our department. We describe their symptoms, the(More)
A classification of tympanic retraction pockets is indispensable in order to standardise their evaluation. In this manner, the evolution of the pathology can be carefully followed and the most appropriate therapy chosen. The authors propose adapting their classification to endoscopy which permits the inspection of the depths of certain pockets, otherwise(More)
The RetroX is a new semi-implantable hearing aid which does not occlude the external ear canal. It consists of an electronic unit that plugs into a titanium tube which is implanted under the pinna so as to connect the retroauricular sulcus with the inside lumen of the external ear canal. Implantation requires minor surgery which can be performed under local(More)