Michel Burnet

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Sex pheromone biosynthesis in a number of moth species is induced by a conserved 33-amino acid amidated neuropeptide PBAN (pheromone biosynthesis activating neuropeptide). Here, using immunoblotting and bioassay, we present evidence for the presence of a very similar peptide, called Mab-PBAN, in the brain-subesophageal ganglion complex of Mamestra brassicae(More)
The antiplatelet drug ticlopidine was assessed as an agent for improving the patency of Brescia-Cimino arteriovenous fistulas as access for hemodialysis. In a double-blind randomized study over 1 month, two of six fistulas in the ticlopidine group and five of nine in the placebo group failed. A further one placebo and two ticlopidine patients still had(More)
We report a spectroscopic orbit with period P = 3.52433 ± 0.00027 days for the planetary companion that transits the solar-type star HD 209458. For the metallicity, mass, and radius of the star we derive [Fe/H]= 0.00 ± 0.02, M∗ = 1.1±0.1M⊙, and R∗ = 1.3±0.1R⊙. This is based on a new analysis of the iron lines in our HIRES template spectrum, and also on the(More)
The levels achieved in the sputum by the systemic administration of penicillin have attracted little attention. There are relatively few publications on this subject. The present investigation was designed to find an answer to the following questions: 1. What levels are achieved in the sputum by the systemic administration of penicillin ? 2. Does the sputum(More)