Michel Brehelin

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Xenorhabdus spp. and Photorhabdus spp. are major insect bacterial pathogens symbiotically associated with nematodes. These bacteria are transported by their nematode hosts into the hemocoel of the insect prey, where they proliferate within hemolymph. In this work we report that wild strains belonging to different species of both genera are able to produce(More)
BACKGROUND X-tox proteins are a family of immune-related proteins only found in Lepidoptera and characterized by imperfectly conserved tandem repeats of several defensin-like motifs. Previous phylogenetic analysis of X-tox genes supported the hypothesis that X-tox have evolved from defensins in a lineage-specific gene evolution restricted to Lepidoptera. In(More)
First steps of the development of a catalytic reactive distillation process for the production of n-propyl acetate based on experiments and simulations are proposed. The kinetics for homogeneously (sulphuric acid) and heterogeneously (Amberlyst 15) catalysed reaction were investigated and the constants for a pseudo-homogeneous model are presented. Pilot(More)
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