Michel Bousquet

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Up to the past few months, geostationary telecommunication satellite systems have kept taking advantage of the satellite natural wide area coverage capability, of their rather rapid deployment and efficient capability to provide a telecommunication infrastructure in areas where the terrestrial ones were deficient or did not exist. In a context where(More)
In this article we examine the role of satellite communications in future telecommunication networks and service provision. Lessons from the past indicate that satellites are successful as a result of their wide area coverage or speed to market for new services. Niche areas such as coverage of air and sea will persist, but for land masses convergence of(More)
The purpose of this paper is to enumerate various classes of cyclically colored m-gonal plane cacti, called m-ary cacti. This combinatorial problem is motivated by the topological classiication of complex polynomials having at most m critical values, studied by Zvonkin and others. We obtain explicit formulae for both labelled and unlabelled m-ary cacti,(More)
To reach the terabit per second of throughput, telecommunication satellites cannot make use of frequency below Ka band only. Therefore, the use of broad portion of the spectrum available at Q/V (40/50GHz) band is foreseen for the feeder link. This study presents the evaluation of performances of different macro-diversity schemes that may allow mitigating(More)
We enumerate unrooted planar maps (up to orientation preserving homeomorphism) having two faces, according to the number of vertices and to their vertex and face degree distributions, both in the (vertex) labelled and unlabelled cases. We rst consider plane maps, i.e., maps which are embedded in the plane, and then deduce the case of planar (or sphere)(More)
The goal of this paper is to enumerate solid 2-trees according to the number of edges (or triangles) and also according to the edge degree distribution. We rst enumerate oriented solid 2-trees using the general methods of the theory of species. In order to obtain non oriented enumeration formulas, we use quotient species which consists in a specialization(More)
Mobile receiver positioning has received a lot of attention, both in research and standardization bodies, due to regulatory (E-911) or commercial (Location-Based Services) incentives. This paper investigates the possibility of self-positioning a mobile receiver using a mobile TV broadcasting system based on the European DVB-SH standard. This OFDM-based(More)