Michel Bougeard

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We describe the versatile features of the attosecond beamline recently installed at CEA-Saclay on the PLFA kHz laser. It combines a fine and very complete set of diagnostics enabling high harmonic spectroscopy (HHS) through the advanced characterization of the amplitude, phase, and polarization of the harmonic emission. It also allows a variety of(More)
The interaction of laser pulses with thin grating targets, having a periodic groove at the irradiated surface, is experimentally investigated. Ultrahigh contrast (~10(12)) pulses allow us to demonstrate an enhanced laser-target coupling for the first time in the relativistic regime of ultrahigh intensity >10(19) W/cm(2). A maximum increase by a factor of(More)
We present and characterize a very efficient optical device that employs the plasma mirror technique to increase the contrast of high-power laser systems. Contrast improvements higher than 10(4) with 50% transmission are shown to be routinely achieved on a typical 10 TW laser system when the pulse is reflected on two consecutive plasma mirrors. Used at the(More)
The injection of a seed in a free-electron laser (FEL) amplifier reduces the saturation length and improves the longitudinal coherence. A cascaded FEL, operating in the high-gain harmonic-generation regime, allows us to extend the beneficial effects of the seed to shorter wavelengths. We report on the first operation of a high-gain harmonic-generation(More)
We report on an innovative two-dimensional imaging extreme ultraviolet (XUV) interferometer operating at 32 nm based on the mutual coherence of two laser high order harmonics (HOH) sources, separately generated in gas. We give the first evidence that the two mutually coherent HOH sources can be produced in two independent spatially separated gas jets,(More)
An x-ray crystal spectrometer was built in order to measure opacities in the 8-18 Å spectral range with an average spectral resolution of <λ/δλ> ∼ 400. It has been successfully used at the LULI-2000 laser facility (See C. Sauteret, rapport LULI 2001, 88 (2002) at École Polytechnique (France) to measure in the same experimental conditions the 2p-3d(More)
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