Michel Blain

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The goal of this paper is to present the first controller that has been applied to an original system, which is a direct-drive submersible grinding robot. Since this application is quite recent, an analogy is made with machine tools equipped with linear motors, and the control methods that have been applied are reviewed. This review has led to the selection(More)
This paper presents a comparative study of a sliding-mode controller (SMC) and a cascaded proportional/proportional integral (P/PI) controller with zero-phase error tracking controller (ZPETC) and disturbance observer (DOB). The tests are performed on a new underwater grinding robot. The comparison is based on trajectory tracking performance and robustness(More)
Hydroelectric power dams are composed of intake and outtake structures made of concrete in which steel components are embedded. These components, for reasons briefly presented in this paper, tend to exhibit considerable wear and deformation with time. Rehabilitation of these embedded components, by rectification using machining techniques, can in some cases(More)
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