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OBJECTIVE To show that germander (Teucrium chamaedrys), an herbal medicine used to facilitate weight loss, may be hepatotoxic and to delineate the nature of the injury. DESIGN Retrospective study. SETTING Liver units of several centers in the French Network of Pharmacovigilance. PATIENTS Seven patients who developed hepatitis after germander(More)
A study from five hepatology units documenting 157 cases of drug-induced hepatitis and a second study from a laboratory of immunology which tested more than 100,000 sera permitted us to establish the frequency of antiorganelle antibodies and their diagnostic value in drug-induced hepatitis. In drug-induced hepatitis caused by a heterogenous group of drugs(More)
The increased survival rate of malignant diseases due to more aggressive treatments contributes to the occurrence of drug-induced pulmonary diseases (DIPD). We reviewed, retrospectively over a 10-year period, 15 children (8 girls) who presented a DIPD. Their mean age was 9 years (range, 1 to 17 years), with an underlying malignant disease in 14 (9(More)
New analogic-digital technology contributions to standard electrocardiography may allow to record the his bundle potential from the body surface. The aim of this work has been to study the validity of this method by its application to estimate the dromotropic effect of propranolol in healthy volunteers. His bundle potential from body surface was recorded in(More)